mkMob is the Smarter Buying Platform for Mobile

Our purpose is simple - as a small and dynamic company, we are focused on monetizing all mobile content across the globe. Our advertising marketplace enables advertisers to bid for advertising space on mobile websites and applications to extend their reach and optimise results. We allow mobile publishers and app developers to maximise the earning potential of their mobile properties.

We've taken a simplistic approach toward mobile advertising. Our technology focus on creating a superior user experience with an extensive breadth of features and transparent, near real-time reporting and with the most advanced and comprehensive tools in the industry. Our self-serve system makes it overly easy to generate and deliver location based ad copies around the globe.

mkMob enables clients to go mobile by converting their web content into mobile and then empowering their mobile products with our powerful advertising platform. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our network and our organic business model; quality of service is paramount and inherent in our tools and our work.


Our team spans all corners of the earth

Our customers lie at the heart of our business strategy. mkMob advertisers and developers benefit from an expansive, distributed global team of professionals that reach all corners of the globe.

From North America, Europe, and Asia to the nascent mobile advertising markets of Latin America and Africa, our team works to cultivate supply and demand opportunities across the globe.

We love what we do, and we strive to be the best in the world. Don't wait. Get massive scale and unprecedented targeting. Create Account