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Industry-Leading Data and Technology

mkMob's technology was built especially for mobile; it is the foundation of our platform that powers the mobile capabilities of some of the world's largest media companies. It is the same technology that enables thousands of application and website developers to monetize their mobile ad inventory and invest that revenue into new endeavors and technology advancements.


Utilize our refined audience segments to connect with the right user. mkMob's data and technology enables advertisers to leverage our location analytics and geo-targeting capabilities to create custom segments validated through a consumer panel of millions of users. mkMob provides tools and solutions for advertisers to reach their performance goals. Learn about our technology solutions for advertisers.

Publishers & App Developers

It's one thing to drive downloads for your app, it's another to acquire loyal and engaged users who drive real revenues. At mkMob, we specialize in helping you acquire lifetime value users across the world. Our technology enables us to aggregate developer-provided data and deliver cleaner, richer and actionable ad experiences for their users.

Delivering the right ad experience is core to driving high ad engagement, click-through and conversions. mkMob offers a wide range of unique ad formats designed to deliver the most conversions for your mobile ad campaigns. Learn more about how our technology helps developers grow their business.